Matter Management

Starting from incident to intake and going through matter close, our BGL consultants average 20+ years' experience working with, designing, and implementing the worlds most sophisticated legal matter systems. Ready to talk Matter Types?  Talk to our experts! 

Spend Management

We are THE global Ebilling & International Tax experts.  Our team has implemented in 169+ countries, more than anyone or any other consulting company around. We know the globe, the tax authorities, and how to implement the best processes & systems to meet your needs.  Our competitors hire us to do their global implementations.  Save the middle person.

Digital Transformation

From RFI-RFP to system selection to implementation, start with our Report Card (A+) assessment and see why we are the leaders in global legal department transformations. We champion future forward, AI driven, cost saving and sustainable processes and technologies.

Document Management & Collaboration Tools

Moving your large on-premises system to a cloud-based environment?  Have nothing in place today? Have multiple systems and cannot decide which to keep or which to connect with each other or your other legal systems?  Hearing all the buzz words like SharePoint, Teams, Slack, Wrike, Asana and do not know where to start?  Ask the experts at BGL!

WK Passport & T360 Certified Team

We are Wolters Kluwer's highest rated certified Passport and T360 partner.  Start with the best and see your professional services wish list, upgrade, or implementation completed faster, less expensive, and right the first time.

IP Management

We have designed and implemented department wide IP tools, M&A's, and patent and trademark programs at the largest companies in the world.  We have experience in 169 countries, more than any other legal consulting company, ever! 

Contract Lifecycle Management

For many legal departments, the journey begins here. Working within corporate standards or setting them from the legal group first, we work with the industry's most experienced experts, including no-code technologies, to help you get your Contract Lifecyle under control and linked to your Document Management, E-Signature, and other critical legal systems.

Legal Project Management

It's simple math.  We have helped 229+ global legal departments select and implement the most innovative and transformative processes and technologies.  Let us show you why we are the industry's most successful legal operations and technologies solutions experts.

Legal Information  & Knowledge Management

We have led our clients for 15+ years to use and implement Knowledge Management processes.  Why implement technology if you do not use the data to build better outcomes? We will show you how to take your critical process and system implementations to the next level with real AI, real data, and real decision metrics.

Training & Industry Insights

Ask about our award-winning legal training and industry insights programs. We have built programs in 20+ languages and delivered in-person training in 30+ countries.

Developing a successful strategy requires a comprehensive plan that outlines how people, process, and technology will be used to meet business goals.  Whether you want to transform your legal department, need a technology assessment, or just want to improve a specific area, the experts at BGL are here to help.  We have the legal operations and technology experience to guide you in discovering new generation solutions and processes to transform the way you work, creating economic value, agility, and competitive advantages.  Helping you deliver the right solution and the right technology enabling your in-house counsel to focus on higher value legal activities. Take your first steps to reimaging how services are structured and delivered and look at what is possible today!

BGL offers native language consulting in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.